162cm Wide Red Jacquard Upholstered Corbeille Bed



Dimensions:  Headboard 162cm wide x 124cm high x 28cm deep.  Footboard 80m high x 28cm deep.  Overall length 208.5cm and the mattress base measures 149cm x 192cm.

We usually steer clear from these upholstered corbeille beds, simply because the fabric is usually too terrible to continue using or the cost of reupholstering makes them un-affordable.  Which makes this find unique.  The fabric on this bed is rather enchanting.. a wonderful red, lilac and gold jacquard which is in near perfect condition.  There are no marks or signs of wear and a creative person would make this fabric work in a wonderful scheme.

The bed dates from 1930 and is typical of its style.  If you did want to recover this bed, the shapes of the corbeille give the piece the most beautiful movement, and the carved details on the legs are beautiful too.  Another added bonus is that the bed has the original mattress base which means all the new owner would be required to purchase is a new mattress.

Ref:  62/20

Our listed price INCLUDES delivery within mainland UK.  If you would like instead to pick up your purchase from our Milton Keynes Showroom, we would be delighted to offer you a reduction in the cost to £525.00.  Contact me on sophie@vintagefrench.com for more information.

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