1780-1820 Rustic Traders Military Storage Cupboard



Dimensions: 109cm wide  x 151.5cm high x 37.5cm deep. Top shelf 96cm wide x 28.5cm deep x 39.5cm high.  Top cubby hole 73cm wide x 10cm deep. Shelf  68cm wide x 28cm deep x 39cm high and 36.5cm high.  Bottom Drawer is 52cm wide x 27.5cm deep x 11cm high.  4 Drawers 20.5cm wide x 27.5cm deep x 20.5cm high

This cupboard is somewhat of a puzzle to me.  In my heart of hearts I feel this must have traveled, possibly with a military figure, possibly with a trader or an official.  We have the original key and the very clever design means that when the cupboard door is locked, the drawers are blocked from opening.. very easy for someone to secure their belongings with just one key to worry about.  The internal design would also back up this thought process.. the very top shelf, which is partially hidden from view would allow small personal pieces to be tucked away out of view.   There are also ink marks at the back of the cupboard above the top shelf.. I wonder if an ink pen would have been stored or used in that space.  I can't however find any references to this piece and I would hate to have been the horse that would have been required to move it from destination to destination... it is very heavy.

We think it dates from about 1780-1820 and it has the original key and lock working beautifully.  The wood as you would imagine has had woodworm historically but none for a long time.  The background is a lovely forest green, and I think the soldiers would have been painted on at a later date, but in excess of 100 years ago for sure.  I wonder if this old cupboard has been redecorated for use in a little boy's bedroom.  The painted soldiers are naively painted but charming.  Someone who knows their soldier's uniforms will be able to help me identify the rank and regiment of these fine chaps.

In modern terms this is a fabulously practical piece.  The cupboard door opens onto three shelves and the hidden shelf I have spoken about.  There is one drawer running along the bottom and 4 drawers run along the left had edge of the cupboard.  I can see this as a very practical storage solution in a bedroom or a playroom or hallway, or kitchen.  Could it even be a museum piece.  I have my suspicions.

Ref: 184/20

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