Luterma Bistro Chairs / Church Seating 150 Available


Dimensions:  TBC

We have 80 of these Bistro Chairs available in the UK and an additional quantity available in France in addition which can be shipped to the UK !!.  The chairs are marked with the Luterma stamp and have been used as church seating.  In solid condition, these chairs are currently formatted as singles or attached to a bar containing 2, 3 or 4 chairs.. this makes them easy to store and transport.  These chairs would be ideal to use at a vintage themed wedding venue, a community center, a theater, a school, a Boutique Hotel venue that has wedding facilities, a venue that offers outdoor displays etc.  The chairs offer a great overall effect in their numbers.  We have treated each chair for woodworm.  

Ref: 245/17

Our listed price EXCLUDES delivery within mainland UK on this item.  Contact me on or for more information.

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