Classic French Canape



Dimensions: 137cm wide x 96cm high x approx 69cm overall depth.  Seat height 42cm x 53cm deep

The owners had to make space for the arrival of their third baby, beforehand it had been in the family for over three generations.  Sitting alongside other jewel coloured furniture or accessories, this canape would add sumptious warmth (and in my view an excellent backdrop to party), or if positioned alongside more muted colours it would be the stand out piece in the room.  In a hallway, in a sitting room, in a spare room, on a landing, in a bedroom.. the options are endless.  It is in exquisite condition.  A classic Vintage French piece that has been modernized and will work for generations to come.

Ref: 78/15

Our listed price INCLUDES delivery within mainland UK.  If you would like instead to pick up your purchase from our Milton Keynes Showroom, we would be able to do it for £599.00  Contact me on for more information.

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