Haberdashery Shop Drawer Unit



Dimensions:  224cm wide x (left hand edge) 53.5cm deep + (right hand edge) 33.5cm deep  92cm high.  3 Drawers 37cm wide x 39.5cm deep x 21cm high, 3 Drawers 37cm wide x 36.5cm deep x 21cm high, 3 Drawers 37cm wide x 32.5cm deep x 21cm high, 3 Drawers 37cm wide x 28.5cm deep x 21cm high and 3 Drawers 37cm wide x 24.5cm deep x 21cm high

This fantastic set of drawers is full of character.  The counter is asymmetrical, one side being deeper than the other.. perfect for laying the bolt of fabric at the deeper end and measuring it out..  it has the wooden meter measuring rule incorporated into the counter top.. the drawers are deep to store a range of items.  Water has marked the front of the drawers, but with only superficial damage.. would you re-varnish to match the original finish?  would you repaint to create your own look?  or would you leave it is it is.. A quirky, interesting and immensely practical piece.

Ref: 73/17

Our listed price INCLUDES delivery within mainland UK.  If you would like instead to pick up your purchase from our Milton Keynes Showroom, we would be able to reduce the price to £1,495.00.  Contact me on sophie@vintagefrench.com for more information.

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