Science Laboratory Drawers Black Sideboard (12) Drawers Cup Handles


Dimensions:  189cm across x 43.5cm deep x 83.5cm high.  12 Drawers 35.5cm wide x 27cm deep x 11cm high

We have sold these drawers to rock stars and restaurants and bars and bistros and to you and me too.. we have several in our own home storing clothes and sideboards storing the family paraphernalia.  This particular set of drawers were in a science lab originally, the drawer tickets still show the chemicals that were stored in the individual drawers.  This sideboard has been reconditioned.  The drawers all run beautifully and the lost handles were replaced with these cup handles.  The unit has been painted back on the front and sides.. this makes the piece unusual and very cool.. having black in a room really grounds the space and it works in particular with a neutral scheme.  A firm favorite.  

Ref: 234/19

Our listed price INCLUDES delivery within mainland UK.  If you would like instead to pick up your purchase from our Milton Keynes Showroom, we would be able to reduce the price to £1100.00.  Contact me on for more information.

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