Large Royal Standard Flag



Dimensions: 5m x 2.7m

As I understand it the Royal Standard is flown from a building when the British Royal Family are in residence.  I found this enormous antique Royal Standard in an unlikely looking box in the middle of France.. Image the history.. The Victorian Queen or Edwardian King visits a French Town on a state visit and the Mayor or the caretaker of the residence keeps the flag for prosperity.  Maybe this came from a retired lady or gentleman of the English Court and it found itself surplus to the surviving families requirements...  This would make a magnificent window dressing, bed cover, wall hanging or even framed.. its in excellent condition.  

P.S.  We have subsequently discovered that Queen Victoria used to Visit a local Spa Town on a regular basis, near to when I discovered this flag, and also a King, further back than Victoria would visit Evian Les Bain too.. which isn't so far away either !!

Ref: 232/16

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