Reclining Deck Chair Lounger


Dimensions: Approx 165cm deep x 63cm wide x 113cm high.

Quite a unique deckchair.  Well deckchair feels a little too limiting in its definition.  Granted this lounger has a wooden base with a canvas seat, original in a brown stripe, but this chair is so much more.. it has metal leavers which allow you to adjust the reclining position whilst being seated.  The position of the foot rest is perfect.. would probably suit a person a little taller than my 5'6".. I feel slightly swallowed up by it, but for someone taller than me this would be ideal.  In really lovely used condition.  Absolutely unique.


Our listed price INCLUDES delivery within mainland UK.  If you would like instead to pick up your purchase from our Milton Keynes Showroom, we would be delighted to offer you a reduction in the cost to £395.00.  Contact me on for more information.

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