Christmas Countdown - The Spare Bedroom November 10 2014

So storage sorted, now I'm thinking about our spare room...!

I love items in the home that not only have a history, are beautifully made but also work hard. For our spare bedroom I will be choosing side tables that can multitask.

These beautiful Baumann Bistro chairs look so simple as bedside tables but will double up as extra seating on Christmas day, as will these cool, 1960’s Formica chairs.. even better these stack up beautifully waiting for the kids to have friends over for play dates.

These Vintage Mountain Footstools could be your hardest working piece of furniture. These could be used as bedside tables, stools or even drinks tables.

Another idea for side tables in the spare room could be these very cool travel trunks. These will double up as storage for extra linen, blankets or clothes storage for your guests. They also come with a tale to tell, plus evidence in some cases of their travels.

What better way to make your guests feel special than to have a statement bed in your spare room. We have chosen these Vintage French beds because the quality of the sold wood is simply beautiful and the workmanship is breathtaking. Each of these beds are totally unique. You will not find one to match anywhere. Keep the decoration around the beds simple, let the beds make the statement and your guests will be impressed.