Christmas ideas and gift wrapping available November 02 2015

Offspring safely deposited back at school, tick, 6 weeks until they break up for christmas, tick... ARHHHH !!! Only 6 weeks left?!

Phew.. luckily I bought my first christmas present at the weekend.. and yes, its vintage. Don't know about you, but we swim around in plastic.. and no doubt the kids will be inundated with more plastic in 7 weeks time.. much of which will be lost or broken by boxing day. From experience, our own kids of course love the plastic.. but also, they seem to treasure the vintage pieces their indulging Mum buys them from time to time.. they look after them and take a little bit of pride in the uniquness. So for VF offspring no 1. I bought this very beautiful monoski to decorate his bedroom.. he water skiied for the first time this year and wants to be like his Papa, so what could be better than a ski made the year his Father was born inspiring him in the corner of his bedroom.

We have a huge selection of interesting and beautiful pieces that would provide you with many christmas present solutions, from your best friend, to your car mad son, to your princess, to the man who is impossible to buy for, we have options to suit all budgets..

So here we go for a month of ideas for you to help with your christmas shopping. We would be happy to wrap your gifts and send them directly to the recipient too.... It just doesn't get eny better than that !!

So to start with.. how about a vintage school map of Brasil for your football mad son/nephew/grandson/godson? A geniune vintage metal letter to decorate a child's bedroom? How about a vintage school desk that could be used as a creative table for a small child that will go onto be their homework desk when they are older.. Lots more ideas.. we will keep them coming !! available at