The Vintage French Ethos! November 11 2014

Here at Vintage French we don't advocate buying vintage for the sake of vintage. We don’t advocate cluttering up your home with old things for the sake of it. We have grown accustomed to a throw away world where styles and fashions change at an alarming rate. Our pockets are lighter for following this purchasing trend and our rubbish dumps fuller.

Vintage French Hubby adores clean modern minimalist bachelor flat living and my having grown up with antiques that generations of our family have collected and recycled over centuries, our Vintage French vision is a healthy marriage between the two styles.

For us the most exciting Vintage French home has a simple backdrop; clean lines, modern flooring, maybe a John Lewis sofa and Ikea storage with the punctuation of vintage. To us at Vintage French, this style is a celebration of craftsmanship, a celebration of the materials used and a celebration of the history and a story the vintage piece can tell. A vintage piece will bring character and sometimes humour to our space.

So in choosing our vintage purchases we think very carefully about the surroundings the piece will be able to work in for decades to come. If we can’t image a piece in many settings, it doesn’t make it to our catalogue. We hope you agree!!!