Vintage French Christmas Countdown: Dining Room November 12 2014

So with our ethos in mind, a Vintage French purchase will always be an investment piece. One that will sit within a backdrop that will evolve, change colours, change styles, change uses as a family grows up, leaves home etc.

Our dream Vintage French dining room this Christmas would be one where there are classic candles, beautiful mirrors bouncing the soft light around and interesting lighting… all of which will work with a new fresh colour scheme for New Year celebrations, for dinner parties and beyond.

For table decorations, this magnificent pair of French 19 Century candelabras are wonderful. They come up for sale so rarely, last seen for sale 20 years ago through Sotheby’s! We also have a more modest, but equally impressive single candelabra.

On the walls, our difficult to find set of three Italian Wall sconces….On a warm coloured wall these would make a very moody and elegant impression, or our chandeliers create a classic and elegant feel.

In my view, there isn’t a room in the house that doesn’t benefit from having a mirror on the wall. This, convex sun mirror creates amazing impact and bounces the light. Large or small, we have mirrors for all spaces.