Vintage French Christmas Countdown: Gifts for the girls November 14 2014

Ok... the house is nearly there.. onto presents for the girls.. for the little ones.. easy.. visit our Vintage for Kids section for a variety of dolls prams, high chairs, and for the tomboys, vintage scooters and tricycles.. some of the stock is beautifully up-cycled by So Sweet Vintage based here in France.

For the older girls, making their bedroom glamorous would be their dream Christmas present. I am wanting to create a dressing up space for our daughter.. a beautiful mirror, chair and light to make a grown up elegant area in her room, all items which she can take with her when she leaves home.. This is how my Vintage French mind works!!

Upgrading her childhood bed, to a small double elegant bed would be most girls dream. We have these wonderful Corbeille bed frames which can be upgraded to match your colour scheme and style - both the paint work and the upholstery. They have these beautiful rounded foot-ends, which are unusual and very cool. Choose a new fabric and wood colour and create a grown up, beautiful bed for your daughter.

Our daughter is likely to get one of these very cool Vintage French school tables this Christmas.. she is approaching homework age and just loves to colour and practice her letters, she will be in heaven.

For stocking fillers we have a bundle of vintage children’s French story books and vintage Paris Match magazines of the Young Queen and Bridget Bardot to add a little vintage Hollywood Gglamour!!