Vintage French Christmas Countdown: For Him November 19 2014

There will be a small overlap with the present suggestions for ‘Him’ in your life., because, as you will be picking up, here at Vintage French, we believe that a Vintage purchase should be an investment piece and see the owners through the different stages of his/her existence as the background around the piece changes.

So as the big ticket, the classic club chair wins hands down every time!! What man doesn’t want to create a Man Cave to retreat to/to read the paper/listen to music/have a brandy and a cigar?! Even if your home doesn’t have a separate room for him to call his own, an alcove or a corner of a room can be easily be transformed. Couple the club chair with a cool coffee table, our Industrial lamp, the library ladder and maybe a mirror on the wall behind, et voila! Man Cave created.

In keeping with this man cave theme, stocking fillers are easy. Our beautiful and elegant ash tray would make a cool ‘bits’ (of the emptying pocket type) container, or will be very cool to use with that cigar.

I would love to see this vintage ski jumper framed on the wall of a man cave. For a sports enthusiast, it is a very cool statement piece.

If my Husband hadn’t already seen our Vintage Adult magazine, it would be definitely be in his Christmas stocking this year. The contents are modest but elegant (thanks to early photo shopping and the restrictions of publications in the 1960’s) and this is a one off collector’s item.