Market Day !! September 01 2015

It strikes me that those in the Vintage World are so because of a genuine passion.  A passion for glamor, a passion for classic style, a passion for quality workmanship, a passion for a security that essence of the past brings to our lives. was built on these passions.  Arriving at a market stirs these emotions;  the pulse quickens and my tummy flips in anticipation.

I arrive at market early… just like all the traders.. you can spot them a mile away !!  They will home into unpromising looking boxes, huddle in corners doing deals, with large wedges of cash stowed about themselves.  They all have eagle eyes.. everywhere.. not missing a trick.

After 18 months of sourcing for I feel that my eyes are also now over everything.. I scan every nook and cranny of the market stall, trying to be nonchalant, trying to go unnoticed... sometimes I buy there and then, knowing my find is an underpriced treasure, interesting to a whole raft of clients.. sometimes however I walk away, work out the sale price, transport costs, commissions etc and think very carefully about how the piece would work in a modern setting.  Its brutal out there.. the criteria is high for each piece… not all pass the rigorous selection process.

But who am I kidding.. some of the market holders know exactly who I am.. and from time to time, save me an item them think I would love.. I sometimes see them looking out for me.. smiles cracking and a beckoning hand excited to show me their most exciting find.

There are occasions that I am lucky enough to see a piece that I know would be perfect for a client.  On these occasions, I may even take a picture and send it to them immediately.  There is an overwhelming thrill to the hunt !!

And just sometimes… I fall upon a piece that I just know I have to have and won’t give up.  Our Finance Director (read Husband) isn’t so keen on these transactions, despite reaping the aesthetic benefits of them.

Sophie x