White Large 'Waves and Beach' Vase Sculpture by Rosa


Dimensions:  Height 25cm high

An absolutely heavy creation from our friend Rosa Wiland Holmes, winner of the Great Pottery Throwdown 2020.  I don't know how Rosa creates such a beautiful texture out of clay.. please look closely to the side of this vase, where there are raises sections of detailing.. she is inspired heavily by Cornwall Beaches and somehow manages to recreate the moment of the waves and the textures of the beach.  A vase or stand alone piece of art is inspired by the sea, the waves and forms found by the coast.

This piece is unique to us.

Our price includes courier delivery within mainland UK.  You can collect from our depot at the reduced price of £115.00.  Please message me for more information.  Sophie@vintagefrench.com

Ref:  RWH-245

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